Oyster Fine de Claire Verte ''La Sublime'' N°2

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12 pcs - opened

12 pcs - closed

"The Emerald", "The Jade" This oyster possesses many surnames because of its color but mainly because of its top quality. Making it one of the finest in the world for connoisseurs.

Size: Fines de Claire Verte No. 2 oysters are medium-sized oysters. The size may vary slightly, but they are generally smaller than "Gros de Claire" oysters but larger than "Fines de Claire" No. 3 oysters.

Condition: Fines de Claire Verte oysters are often recognized by their green coloration on the shell. This green tint comes from the microalgae and plankton present in the claires where they are grown. The algae also contribute to the oysters' distinctive taste.

Taste: Fines de Claire Verte No. 2 oysters hav...