Oyster Fine de Claire N°4

฿3,060.00 THB


12 pcs - Opened

12 pcs - Closed

48 pcs - Opened

48 pcs - Closed

Do you love seafood but don't have the time or resources to find them out?

Well, look no further than our 12 or 48 pieces of Fresh Oysters Fine de Claire N°4!

  1. Size: Fines de claire No. 4 oysters are smaller compared to No. 2 and No. 3 oysters. 

  2. Taste: Fines de claire No. 4 oysters have a milder flavor compared to larger grades, but they retain the characteristic briny and slightly salty taste associated with fines de claire oysters.

  3. Texture: Due to their smaller size, fines de claire No. 4 oysters have a delicate and tender texture.

These oysters are finished in knee-deep claire for a minimum of one month, during which th...